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1-2-1 class in Person

3 hours


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Private Birth Basics Masterclass in Person

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This is a 3-hour long private class, taking place in person.

This course is ideal if you would like to understand the essentials of Hypnobirthing, and maybe if you have discovered Hypnobirthing later on in your pregnancy and are short of time to be able to attend a full course. This option enables you to have a personalised course tailored to your pregnancy in the comfort of your own home.

During this course, you will learn about the science behind how your mindset and your thoughts can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your muscles and hormones during labour.

We will look into our psychology and learn how to use tools and techniques to promote a positive mindset for birth.

We'll go through how to make informed & calm choices about your birth, alongside some of the more practical aspects of birth plus much, much more. You'll finish this course equipped with all the information you need to know surrounding your labour and birth.

You also receive access to a variety of resources to use after the course ends.

Private Birth Basics Masterclass in Person

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